The Writer

Born on 14th of March at Telupid, Sabah but live in Sandakan, the Nature City of Sabah.. 
The 3rd child and the 1st daughter while having 2 big bro, 2 lil' sista and 2 lil' bro..
Starting my education at Tabika Kemas Kg. Tinusa 2 and continued at Sk Kem Tentera, SMK Perempuan, SM Sains Lahad Datu, Labuan Matriculation College and finished at USM with BA (Hons) in Communication, major in Journalism & minor in English.. 
There's nothing much about her, just a simple crazy girl.. 
"I'm a big big girl in a a big big world!"

"Too easy to trust people while living in a dreamland hoping that everything will go exactly the way she want and suddenly woke up and realize that it was all a nightmares!"

Back then, she's not a good daughternot a great sister and not an excellent person.. Always do whatever she want and like to do anything she want without deep thinking.. "Am I doing the right things?", "Will they get mad?", "How would they feel about me doing this?"..She just ignore all that kind of questions when it comes to have her life as she want.. She's really SORRY for whatever she have done, for not being a good one.. Now, she'll live on her life just because of them, her beloved family..

She was very grateful and thankful to Yang Maha Esa for giving her such a wonderful and great friends around her everytime when she needed them.. Sorrow, moody, happy, delight, sad, nervous, scared etc.. No matter what kind of situation or hardship she'd faced, she knows that everything is going to be okay coz she has her friends who always supportsharing all the emotions flooding in the heart, giving advices and even just lend her their ears to listen all of her complaint, her happiness, her sadness, everything! She'd might be lost if it's not bcoz of her friends. She thanked with all of her hearts to all of her friends!

The Readers!